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Blood on our hands ( Act3: Part2)
Act3 : Part2
( EXE's pov)
"Yes that memorie....So..that was who she was...Amy. My good old friend Amy..The one who stuck up for me when I needed her" I would mumble to myself as I sat in my black throne.  Sitting in the throne room that was on the ground floor, I watched them coming in and out of the extremely over sized room, it was mainly just Tails, Knuckles, and Cream walking around as they usually did. Doing their chores, along with causal ideal chatter.  The walls were painted black, with gold trim and the top and bottoms of the wall, the floors were black and white checkered, with my large throne in between the two large dark wooden stair cases that lead to the first floors, which were against the back wall. While the large double doors that lead outside where in the middle of the front wall. The doors had multiple symbols carved within them, to the left and right of the doors were openings that lead into two different hallways,  in the left side of the large room
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Blood on our hands (Act3)
Act 3: Who do you think I am Sonic?
( The Normal Narrator again...I'll be here soon)
... It was strange how she never figured it out in the first place. This world, this creation and destruction that EXE and Amy made with each other. His world was for her, her world was for him.  It was like they enjoyed the destruction, the ruin of the world they created. But they knew that it could never be ruined, for the reality was mixed. Dreams showed bits of memories, nightmares showed parts of themselves, that they didn't want many to see. But he was no longer afraid of showing who he really was, he had done it many times before why did this time make a difference?  But she was always scared to show herself, the parts of her that caused such destruction...why? Because...she had died many times before because of it.
( Amy's Pov)
Feeling around, I felt the plush softness of the blankets over me and the soft bed underneath me. Lightly opening my eyes, the first thing I saw was the purple
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Amy.EXE ( The Holy shit version) by DianeTheWicked
Mature content
Amy.EXE ( The Holy shit version) :icondianethewicked:DianeTheWicked 3 3
Darling in RED by DianeTheWicked Darling in RED :icondianethewicked:DianeTheWicked 1 0 Doing a double meme with Hauntedbythelight XD by DianeTheWicked
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Doing a double meme with Hauntedbythelight XD :icondianethewicked:DianeTheWicked 2 18
Amy.EXE ( Another doll version) by DianeTheWicked Amy.EXE ( Another doll version) :icondianethewicked:DianeTheWicked 4 2 Amy.EXE( Trypophobia warning!) by DianeTheWicked
Mature content
Amy.EXE( Trypophobia warning!) :icondianethewicked:DianeTheWicked 1 2
Amy Rose ( Simple version) by DianeTheWicked Amy Rose ( Simple version) :icondianethewicked:DianeTheWicked 2 0 Diane the Wicked ( Colored) by DianeTheWicked Diane the Wicked ( Colored) :icondianethewicked:DianeTheWicked 1 2 Reaper #13( of 100) by DianeTheWicked Reaper #13( of 100) :icondianethewicked:DianeTheWicked 3 2 GrimXCiara ( Contest entry) by DianeTheWicked GrimXCiara ( Contest entry) :icondianethewicked:DianeTheWicked 7 1 Ciara's Refrerence Sheet. by DianeTheWicked Ciara's Refrerence Sheet. :icondianethewicked:DianeTheWicked 6 20 Amy Rose.EXE ( Amy Doll, my version)( Again) by DianeTheWicked Amy Rose.EXE ( Amy Doll, my version)( Again) :icondianethewicked:DianeTheWicked 8 6 Who Do You Think I Really Am? by DianeTheWicked
Mature content
Who Do You Think I Really Am? :icondianethewicked:DianeTheWicked 5 0
My Reality.
( Warning: Horrible grammar, I wrote this around 5 am so...yeah. o-o)
My Reality.
Its been a while. Since I've been like this. To us, it was the greatest years of our lives, to others it was their very damnation. I am still strange, there was never a defanition of normal....but still even then I am still strange, but maybe thats a good thing? HA! I mean what kind of person, what kind of sain person does what I do? Hehe..Exactly.
( Darc's pov)
Sitting, alone within that brought back a lot of memories. This wooden bench I'm sitting on, its always been here. THEY left it here long ago. Within the large basement under this house, most of the wall and floor was made of cement or old stone.  A few cages here and there to the left and right sides of me, along the right wall.  Chains with cuffs, hooked on the back wall, it was only a few sets, enough for 6 people to be hooked to.  But of coarse there was no one down here now like there use to be.  In front of me,
:icondianethewicked:DianeTheWicked 1 8
Two different worlds by DianeTheWicked Two different worlds :icondianethewicked:DianeTheWicked 10 10
Well, have fun browsing Skullies! ^-^



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Diane M Broyles
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Hello my name is Diane I'm a mixer witch. I'm always watching 🎭Ⓧ🌹 o-o , lets have fun shall we? I may or may not be on here that much it kind of depends on what I'm doing :3. I like to draw XD I know how to use the old pen and paper XD crayons, paints, coloring pencils, and markers, and other art stuff .-. - awkward silence - ...anyways nice to meet cha ! XD ( Do not steal my art, I will report you, you may not use my art as bases of any kind, do not steal or copy the stories I have on here in anyway you will be reported )-( Meaning you can't take my art and post it on any website, social media, ex. Without my permission ) Oh. And I like SonAmy and SonAmy.EXE ^-^


Well...looks like I'm going to be working all day o-o  At least its finally Sunday, so I can write for the next two days and post a few things that are important .... neopets.
I am going to be making a rant soon when I get back o-o be prepared o-o
re-designing a character is harder then I thought o-o e-e
 A bunch of new random art coming soon!!!!!!! ( Yeah e-e I've been drawing e-e....How ever e-e You'll have to stick around to see what twisted things I've come up with now o-o ) I'll be writing for about 4-5 hours on a new story I'm making, as well as finishing chapter 3 to Blood on our hands... it took me longer then I thought it would but its almost ready :PI am a dummy! :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: I am a dummy! I am a dummy! I am a dummy! I am a dummy! Sonic La Sonic La Sonic La Sonic La Sonic La Sonic La Sonic La Sonic La 


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